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Link stabilisers

The link stabiliser is the connection between the anti-roll bar and a suspension component at each wheel. The system is designed to reduce body roll and keep the vehicle level when making turns.

Excellence in stable steering with MOOG®

Going the extra mile for stability

Our range of link stabilisers is full of innovations which ensure that they deliver exceptional durability and comfort. The housing coating improves the link’s appearance and allows it to be colour-matched to the new steel cap closing. This closing not only looks better, it is also stronger which enhances durability. The new synthetic grease makes installation easier and delivers optimum smoothness. The new flanged nut allows higher locking forces and improves safety, while its zinc flake coating makes it exceptionally resistant to corrosion. We’ve gone the extra mile with these innovations to ensure that our link stabilisers offer the performance that is expected from a MOOG product.

From now on, you’ll be able to recognize our differentiated Steering & Suspension products instantly in their bright new packaging.


Key Product Features


  • Zinc flake coated and flanged nut: Corrosion-resistance and increased locking force
  • Metal sealing rings: Optimal sealing
  • Steel cap: Enhanced durability


3D Product Animation Link Stabilisers



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