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Metal Sealing Rings Used in MOOG Steering and Suspension Parts Help Ensure a Tight Seal and Longer Life


All steering and suspension parts with articulating sockets are – or should be – equipped with dust boots. You’ll find these elastomeric boots on ball joints, link stabilisers, tie rod ends and assemblies and track control arms, as they are critical to keeping grease within the socket and locking out moisture, dirt and debris.

But what keeps a dust boot in place? That’s the job of sealing rings. While it might seem silly to worry about the quality of these rings, there are a number of differences represented in today’s aftermarket parts – and these differences matter.

A dust boot is attached to the socket housing and ball stud. MOOG uses upper and lower sealing rings to keep the dust boot in place. Remember that sealing rings are under a lot of stress due to a socket’s constant articulation. When these rings lose their clamping force, dirt, moisture and other debris can make their way into the joint, thereby accelerating wear and causing corrosion.

MOOG believes that any part with a socket will only be as reliable as its dust boot seal. That’s why MOOG sealing rings are engineered and manufactured to maintain a tight and durable seal in all operating environments. This helps ensure that even during extreme suspension movement, MOOG parts will be safe from water and contaminants. And MOOG stands behind this promise by offering an industry-leading three-year warranty.

Moisture, debris and other contaminants can shorten the operating life of safety-critical steering and suspension parts. This is why MOOG parts feature only the best sealing design and materials

Robbie De Moor, Steering & Suspension Product Management Lead, EMEA

“We want our customers to know that MOOG delivers important differences that help protect their reputations and their customers.”

It's possible, of course, to purchase and install a steering or suspension part without considering how well the part’s socket is sealed and how long that seal will last. For the safety and performance of the customer’s vehicle, however, that’s a risk you won’t want to take.

Parts that fit, parts that perform, and parts that last. You need to provide your customers with all three. MOOG parts do just that, and we stand behind them with a 3-year warranty that protects them and you.

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