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With MOOG® as a steering & suspension innovator through its ball joints, axial rods and tie rod ends, you can be sure of top of the line coverage, quality and control. Discover MOOG® for all your driving needs.


At MOOG®, we’re always looking for ways to improve. Our European site is a benchmark for the automotive aftermarket industry for smart automation. We take quality very seriously and do everything we can to keep you driving safely and comfortably

  • 100% in-house assembly, validation & integrated quality control
  • Highly automated, next generation process control

How MOOG is an Industry 4.0 pioneer

Why MOOG uses Smart Servo machines in its assembly

How MOOG Metal Sealing Rings provide tighter seal and prevent premature wear

How MOOG Coatings provide better corrosion protection

MOOG Hybrid Core Technology

From flanged and zinc flake-coated nuts that are exceptionally corrosion-resistant to MOOG®‘s patented Hybrid Core technology: we constantly invest in new technologies and processes that provide our customers with clever and reliable parts.

How Hybrid Core differentiates MOOG parts from competition

How MOOG Synthetic Grease increase parts durability and performance

How MOOG Metal Sealing Rings provide tighter seal and prevent premature wear

How MOOG Coatings provide better corrosion protection

MOOG 3-Year Warranty

Our products are designed, produced and tested according to ISO standards and backed-up by a 3-year warranty. We take quality testing very seriously indeed, and many of our parts feature our unique protection measures which provide outstanding durability, even under extreme conditions.

MOOG N°1 Car Parc Coverage

MOOG's number 1 position in coverage instills the confidence to address the repair needs of every customer every day.

Our history

Europe Success Story


- Hybrid Core Technology
- Plant Opening "Barcelona"
- Steering & Suspension Product Differentiation

At MOOG, we’re always looking for improvement, both to our parts and to our service. With our recent innovations we’ve really gone the extra mile in making our products even better and, to expand our manufacturing footprint, we’ve opened our own MOOG production plant, in Barcelona. This will provide better control over our production to deliver an even better service. We thought that we’d celebrate this by giving our differentiated Steering & Suspension products distinctive, new packaging. From now on, you’ll be able to recognize them instantly in their bright new packaging.


Sponsor of the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series™

In 2017, MOOG® reached an agreement with the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series™ to provide all competition cars with Steering & Suspension components. This complemented the long-standing NASCAR® partnership, where since 1966, the MOOG brand had carried every NASCAR® Cup Series champion to victory.


3-year product guarantee

Thanks to a comprehensive New Product Introduction process and rigorous development and testing procedures MOOG®is so confident about the quality of its products that it introduces a 3-year guarantee* for each MOOG product on the EU market.

*All European Union countries, Norway, Switzerland, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia.


50 years of NASCAR®

2015 saw MOOG celebrate its 50th year in NASCAR. MOOG ball joints and tie rod ends had been used on every Sprint Cup race car, with MOOG nominated as the Official Steering & Suspension of NASCAR.


Record-breaking coverage expansion

MOOG completes a record-breaking expansion of application coverage, with 835 new part numbers – including nearly 600 additional control arms and assemblies, and 47 wheel hub assemblies. 


Exciting innovations

MOOG announces two new parts: A sway bar link with an easy-to-thread barrel lock nut makes a difficult task easier. A patent-pending vertical control arm bushing utilizes a ball-and-socket design to prevent failure. 


Introduction of Wheel End Bearings in EMEA

Building on the unquestioned quality reputation of its Steering & Suspension components, MOOG launches an extended range of Wheel End Bearings covering all LV and LCV types.


MOOG launched in Europe







Federal-Mogul buys MOOG Automotive

Federal-Mogul Corporation purchases MOOG Automotive from Cooper Industries.




Hubert Moog passes away

Hubert Moog, son of co-founder H.P. Moog, passes away on July 13. Earlier in the year, he’d been informed of his forthcoming induction into the Automotive Hall of Fame.




Training centre opens

The MOOG Steering & Suspension training centre – the first in the industry – opens to provide a high-tech facility for training salesmen and customers alike. Over 17,000 people, most of them customers, pass through.




Golden anniversary

MOOG celebrates its 50th year in business. The “Zeromatic” ball joint is introduced. It is a major step forward in design. A state-of-the-art wear simulator is installed in the MOOG® test laboratories. 




Birth of the MOOG “gusher” bearing

The MOOG “gusher” bearing is introduced, providing a new means of reducing friction in ball joints without compromising strength. Glenn “Fireball” Roberts becomes the first racer to put a MOOG decal on his car.




MOOG uses slowdown to improve quality

The company’s fortunes are impacted as demand for replacement parts falls off due to more people purchasing new cars instead of repairing older ones. MOOG uses the time to focus on continued product quality improvements.




Shift to front-end parts, origin of Problem Solver

H.P. and Alva decide to manufacture front-end parts, starting with parts for the new knee-action GM suspension. Their superior parts, now branded “MOOG”, lay the groundwork for MOOG’s eventual “Problem Solver” status.




“Electrically heat treated spring”

St. Louis Spring buys and installs an advanced electrically fired draw furnace, which delivers a more consistently tempered spring. This begins the long Moog heritage of forward-looking technology and quality.


Moogs purchase Jenkins-Vulcan

The brothers purchase the St. Louis branch of the Jenkins-Vulcan Spring Company. Jenkins-Vulcan makes and distributes automotive leaf springs mostly for Ford Model T cars and trucks.


Prohibition forces brothers to seek new venture

Brothers Hubert Prater (H.P.) Moog and Shulman Alva Moog find themselves without jobs when a new prohibition law forces the closing of their father’s wholesale whisky business in Florida.

Our Company


MOOG® was founded in the USA in 1919 and was launched in Europe in 2001 to much acclaim. Today, MOOG is a trusted Steering & Suspension parts brand, and is also recognised internationally for its high-quality chassis parts.

We go the extra mile to make life easier for installers and their customers. In fact, guaranteeing outstanding service to our installers is our top priority. Our commitment to our promise is total: at MOOG we go the extra mile for you, every day.