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Control arms

Track control and wishbone arms connect the knuckle (wheel) to the chassis or sub frame. They make the independent movement of the suspension of each wheel possible. They make steering solid and sturdy by stabilising the wheel and reduce vibration and uncontrolled movements whilst driving.


Top quality & highly resistant
suspension parts by MOOG®


Our track control and wishbone arms are made using a variety of different materials depending on the application, for example forged or cast steel, or forged or cast aluminum and sheet metal.

Going the extra mile for durable control and comfort

Every single component in a control arm not only has to be extremely durable and resistant to corrosion and wear, they also must deliver a smooth and comfortable driving experience. The innovations in our range of control arms are designed to ensure that they possess these very properties. To improve safety, the studs are induction hardened for strength and durability, while their new hybrid core carbon fibre bearings reduce the increase in radial deflection by 40% on average. Our zinc flake coating on accessories is far more corrosion-resistant than common phosphate coatings and have an improved appearance. Fitting the control arm ball joint is far easier thanks to the use of new synthetic grease which also improves driving comfort and durability. The steel used for our sheet metal arms is over 200% stronger, while our aluminium arms are sand blasted which not only gives an improved appearance, this also prevents cracks which enhances safety.

When it comes to total control, we’re sure it pays to go the extra mile.

From now on, you’ll be able to recognize our differentiated Steering & Suspension products instantly in their bright new packaging.

FACT: MOOG was the first brand to introduce cataphoresis coating on all sheet metal wishbone and control arms. The advanced cataphoresis electrostatic coating better withstands exposure to severe road conditions such as water, snow, stones and gravel.


Key Product Features


  • Housing: Corrosion-resistance and enhanced safety
  • Zinc flake coated and flanged nut: Corrosion-resistance and increased locking force
  • Metal sealing rings: Optimal sealing
  • Carbon fibre reinforced bearing: Less friction and more durable
  • Induction hardened stud: More durable and stronger



3D Product Animation Track Control Arms



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