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A MOOG Video Series

Never Quits

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Even though times have changed, vehicles have changed, and the parts themselves have changed, MOOG’s dedication to quality has stayed the same. Today, technicians know that parts that come in the MOOG box have genuine MOOG quality built right in. It’s been carefully designed, thoroughly tested, and manufactured to the most stringent quality specifications. It’s sure to fit and sure to last. Because it’s MOOG.

And even after that work is done—MOOG isn’t. We keep refining, retesting, innovating and improving to make great parts even better. Because drivers and technicians alike count on us for excellence.
And excellence never quits.

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Episode 1 - Excellence Never Quits

By listening to customer concerns and reverse engineering the OE part, MOOG develops parts that not only meet or exceed OE specs, but are easier to install and last longer.

Episode 2 - Where Quality Starts

Reverse engineering is at the heart of MOOG’s design process.

Episode 3 - Ultimate Strength Testing

To ensure that each part meets our customers’ expectations, MOOG does extensive testing to evaluate part strength.


Episode 4 - The Power of Precision

Extensive evaluation of OE parts plays a large role in MOOG’s success in creating steering and suspension parts that meet or exceed OE specifications.

Episode 5 - Making it Right

In-house prototyping and testing are critical to the design and development of MOOG steering and suspension parts.

Episode 6 - Ensuring Endurance

A critical component on ball joints and control arms, the dust boot provides protection from water, dirt and debris.


Episode 7 - Building a Better Bearing

Identifying a need in the market and addressing that need is a hallmark of MOOG steering and suspension parts. As a result, MOOG developed its patent-pending carbon fiber-reinforced bearings.


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