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Why MOOG's 3-Year Warranty means more business for workshops


Warranties Reflect Manufacturer Quality Standards, Boost Confidence Among Installers and Their Customers

Every consumer wants to feel like they’ve made smart decisions about car repair. No, they might not have a deep understanding of how specific vehicle systems operate or why one brand of replacement parts might be better than another, but they are looking for ways to feel confident that the job will be done right, and at a fair price.

This is why product warranties are an important part of consumers’ buying process. When a workshop presents an estimate for a steering and suspension repair, for example, a vehicle owner is likely to approve the job if it comes with a strong quality guarantee. For some steering and suspension brands, “strong” means one year, at most. For MOOG, it means much more.

MOOG recently introduced a first-of-its-kind three-year product warranty for the brand’s entire product range. The new warranty reflects the impressive, ongoing investments in product engineering and manufacturing that have enabled MOOG to achieve an all-time-low warranty return rate of just 0.04% in 2022.

And so, when the consumer asks for assurance that his or her vehicle will provide the safe, reliable, comfortable performance they expect, workshop professionals can point out that MOOG parts come with a warranty that extends three times longer than comparable parts from many other suppliers.

Our new warranty demonstrates that MOOG parts add confidence to every repair – confidence for the workshop owner and mechanic and for consumers, who want to ensure their vehicle suspensions provide safe, reliable, comfortable service
Davor Horvat, Steering & Suspension Business Line Leader, EMEA

Since MOOG parts arrived in Europe in 2000, DRiV has delivered market-leading vehicle coverage, best-in-class technical support via the Garage Gurus platform and a world-class product assembly operation exclusively serving EMEA customers. This European facility utilizes the latest digital technologies, including artificial intelligence and automated quality assurance processes, to verify that every product in a MOOG package complies with DRiV engineers’ stringent quality standards. And the tighter the standards, the lower the chances of a return for the workshop and its customers.

Designed and tested to the highest standards.

As a leading aftermarket supplier, we believe our parts should perform even better than the Original Equipment. That’s why our engineers use the Original Equipment part as the master to develop all MOOG® products.

The metallurgy and geometry of every original part is identified, measured and improved whenever possible. Every product is subjected to extensive testing, according to the highest industry standards, to ensure quality and safety for drivers. 


The reason is simple: if issues crucial to steering and suspension parts are not detected in time, it can cause serious problems for the vehicle’s longevity as well as for the driver’s safety. When these parts have to be replaced, this has to be done with only the very best, strongest, most resilient and reliable parts. And that is exactly what MOOG® offers.

MOOG®: quality guaranteed

Thanks to our rigorous development and testing procedures, we are very confident about the quality of our products. That’s why every MOOG® part is backed-up by a market leading 3-year warranty. It’s our guarantee for your peace of mind. 

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