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When it comes to market coverage,
being No. 1 is important

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Customers are looking for convenient, fast, high-quality repairs. MOOG helps make sure you have the parts to get it done.


Millions of vehicle owners are looking for trusted local workshops that can handle all of their automotive service needs. But loyalty has its limits, especially when it comes to the convenience, speed and quality of the work you provide.

High-quality repairs are your specialty, of course. But it’s equally important to help customers get back on the road fast with the help of suppliers that have superior coverage of the vehicles in your market. If your supplier doesn’t have the parts you need, you’ll be forced to either rely on a lower quality, unproven alternative or, worse, tell the customer you can’t complete the repair.

That’s why it’s so important to monitor key suppliers’ market coverage. As an example, MOOG has achieved the number 1 position in coverage and instils confidence that you will be able to address the repair needs of every customer every day. But product coverage is only one element of the MOOG advantage.

N°1 Car Park Coverage

By choosing MOOG, installers can not only be confident they will be able to find the part they need, but also that the part we provide will deliver original equipment matching quality and performance to help their customers stay safe and comfortable on the road

Robbie De Moor, Steering & Suspension Product Management Lead, EMEA

“It’s not enough simply to make great parts or offer great coverage – at MOOG we do both so our customers can increase their share of the steering and suspension category.”

To ensure its quality advantage, MOOG has established perhaps the most sophisticated product engineering and manufacturing processes in the aftermarket steering and suspension category. The brand’s European assembly operation features artificial intelligence- and internet of things-enhanced technologies that assess the quality of every part both in-line, during its manufacture, as well as at the end of the line. This means every MOOG part is fully validated before it is packaged and sent to a customer.

MOOG products include steering components such as axial rods, drag links/centre arms, steering rack gaiter kits, tie rod ends and tie rod assemblies; suspension parts such as ball joints, link stabilisers, silentbloc rubber-to-metal bushes, strut mounts and control arms; wheel-end bearings; and an array of complete, vehicle-specific steering and suspension repair kits. These products are available through leading replacement parts distributors across the EMEA region.

Contact your MOOG supplier today to learn more about these and other important market advantages. And be sure to look up all of the parts you need using our Part Finder.

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