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Link stabiliser: test results


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The link stabiliser with the best STUD SWING in class: FD-LS-0090

The MOOG link stabiliser FD-LS-0090 is fitted to 6.5 million vehicles in Europe, most commonly the Ford Fiesta MKIII, IV, Focus and KA.

About the link stabiliser

The stabiliser bar connects the left and right suspensions to each other. The link stabiliser secures the anti-roll bar to the wheel assembly. It allows movement and suspension travel.

The link stabiliser assists the anti-roll bar during operation and improves the stiffness of the car. It stops the car from swaying too much as the vehicle turns and helps to keep control of the vehicle.

MOOG link stabiliser FD-LS-0090 - Benefits

  • Long-lasting material – thanks to extreme durability tests and improved design against harsh climate conditions
  • Fast installation – all hardware included

High performance and
durability through great

  • Optimal bearing materials
  • High quality body materials
  • Accurate machining
  • Fully controlled assembly process

Possible symptoms of wear or failure

  • Creaking or screeching noise as you drive over road imperfections
  • Less stability while cornering

How good is the MOOG link stabiliser?

Extensive testing proved that MOOG® meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s Original Equipment (OEM) part in categories that are essential for inner tie rod ends. The complete results are listed in the comparative table.

Test results: summary

Several mechanical characteristics are critical for the safety of the car’s driver and passengers.

  • Stud swing value. If the stud swing value is too low, the ball pin may be pulled out of its housing. The MOOG suspension product meets the required values.
  • Metal sealing rings. The dust boot has to be sealed to prevent water and dirt from entering the ball joint. MOOG is in the process of replacing all PUR sealing rings with metal ones for a better endurance and long lasting sealing. 
  • Housing strength. High levels of housing strength ensure long fatigue life and prevent bending of the rod.


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