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Axial Rods

Axial rods (axial joints) are a vital link in the steering system that form the connection between the steering rack and tie rod end. They transmit axial forces to the tie rod end and allow the wheels to turn.

Extra comfort and durability
with MOOG® axial rods


MOOG axial rods and axial joints are manufactured using high quality materials adjusted to the application requirements. This ensures our products are robust and hard wearing, achieving excellent durability and providing additional responsiveness to the steering.

Going the extra mile to make a long-lasting connection

The innovations in our range of axial rods ensure this essential durability. The new hybrid core carbon fibre bearing has superior friction properties and the increase in axial deflection is reduced by 40% on average. Smoothness of operation and easy installation are guaranteed thanks to the new synthetic grease in the bearing. We’ve gone the extra mile with the zinc flake coating on the counter nut which looks good and is also extremely resistant to corrosion.

From now on, you’ll be able to recognize our differentiated Steering & Suspension products instantly in their bright new packaging.

High-performance features

  • Parts made from high quality materials adjusted to the application requirements for maximum strength and resilience.
  • Optimum articulation angle.
  • Outstanding pull out force.
  • The box contains the necessary hardware and accessories. 


Key Product Features


  • Zinc flake coated nut: Corrosion-resistance
  • Carbon fibre reinforced bearing: Less friction and reduced axial deflection


3D Product Animation Axial Rods



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