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DID YOU KNOW: Advice for the professional

It is important to note that ball joints cannot be indefinitely replaced. Repetitive dismantling/ pressing operations significantly affect both the diameter and roundness of the arm body hole - where the ball joint is pressed in. This is especially the case when the arm body material is sheet steel.

MOOG - First Press-in Ball Joint Replacement
MOOG - Press-in Ball Joint After Several Replacement

This inevitable progressive ‘machining’ of the arm body hole will cause a reduction of ball joint pull out force and the housing could eventually become loose within its bore.


Ball joints that are fitted on wishbone arms using ‘pressin’ technology, must not be replaced more than once. These type of ball joints are not commonly available as separate parts in the OES market, where vehicle manufacturers generally propose a fully assembled arm as the replacement solution.

MOOG - Press-in Ball Joint



MOOG offers individual ball joints to permit a more economical repair solution.

MOOG - Individual Press-in Ball joint Alternative


For driver safety, MOOG recommends that a ‘press-in’ ball joint is only replaced on one occasion and that any subsequent repair should use a fully assembled wishbone arm.

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