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New Lower Ball Joint For Popular Citroën and Peugeot Models

Innovative New MOOG® Lower Ball Joint Solves Part Durability and Repair Issues Affecting Popular Citroën and Peugeot Models

The new MOOG lower ball joint features a patented design that helps eliminate the need to purchase and install a complete steering knuckle assembly when replacing a worn lower ball joint on these popular Citroën and Peugeot models. In addition, the MOOG ball joint is fitted with a highly effective, next-generation elastomeric sealing boot that helps prevent corrosion and premature failure of the ball joint socket.

Conventional ball joints for these vehicles utilize an all-metal roller-bearing design that can be easily damaged during installation, leading many service providers to install a complete knuckle assembly pre-fitted with the replacement ball joint. This more expensive approach is no longer necessary thanks to the MOOG ball joint’s unique design, which includes inner and outer tubes that greatly simplify installation. Additionally, the new ball joint’s highly durable, non-metallic bearing eliminates concerns of metal-on-metal damage to rollers and cages during installation.

“Our patented dual-tube design helps the installer quickly and easily achieve a precise fit for optimal bearing performance and durability,” said Robbie De Moor, product management lead, EMEA Motorparts. “Now, service providers can offer vehicle owners a high-quality yet less expensive repair solution for these older models, resulting in a more satisfied and loyal customer.”

Inadequate sealing protection is another leading cause of premature failure of many conventional ball joints for these models. MOOG product engineers have developed a new sealing boot design that effectively locks out moisture, dirt and other contaminants from bearing surfaces to help ensure smooth performance and extended service life.

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