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The Grease in Ball Joints and Other Steering and Suspension Parts Matters More Than You Might Expect


When you are considering the quality of the steering and suspension parts you install on your customers’ vehicles, the quality of the grease might not seem that important. To the contrary, as ball joints and other parts have high lubrication requirements, grease matters more than you might expect.

Corrosion of the ball stud by moisture and mud or dust contamination can rapidly erode stud and bearing materials, causing excessive play and premature failure. This means the quality and specification of the grease will have a direct effect on the operation and durability of the part.

While grease might not be something you give much thought to, it’s an important detail that MOOG takes very seriously. We use a specific type of premium-quality synthetic grease on all MOOG ball joints, axial rods, tie rod ends, link stabilisers and track control arms.


This synthetic grease is designed to keep friction values low and to minimize the difference between static and dynamic friction. Special additives in the grease increase adhesion on the ball stud and the bearing, improve the dampening effect between the friction bodies and reduce breakaway torque – the force required to begin a part’s rotation from a stationary position. Grease also reduces running toque, the force needed to maintain part rotation. For the vehicle owner, this means easier, more precise steering under a full range of driving conditions.

The quality of the synthetic grease we use is indicative of our attention to detail when it comes to the engineering and production of our MOOG steering and suspension parts

Robbie De Moor, Steering & Suspension Product Management Lead, EMEA

“At MOOG we think about the grease we use in our parts so our customers don’t have to.”

You might not spend much time thinking about the grease used in the parts you install. But you will want to keep in mind that the quality of this grease is the difference between a properly lubricated part that lasts and a corroded part that fails prematurely and must be replaced.

Parts that fit, parts that perform, and parts that last. You need to provide your customers with all three. MOOG parts do just that, and we stand behind them with a 3-year warranty that protects them and you.

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