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The friction coefficient between steel (the arm body material) and plastic (the bush outer tube material) is very poor. This is why MOOG has replaced the plastic bush with one of a metal design.

MOOG - Plastic to Metal Bush - Plastic vs. Metal Outer

Whilst the plastic bushes remain secure under normal driving conditions, a high impact (such as a kerb, pothole, or raised surface, especially at a roundabout) can generate the force required to cause the plastic bush to pop out from its arm body bore.

MOOG - Plastic to Metal Bush - Track Control Arm



MOOG - Plastic to Metal Bush - Citroën C2 and C3 Plastic-Tube Bushes


Early models of the Citroën C2 and C3 were equipped with wishbone arms fitted with plastic-tube bushes :



  • CITROEN C2 - C3 2003 --> 2009
  • PEUGEOT 1007 2005-->



MOOG Engineers have consistently sought to improve the pull-out force of its plastic bushes and have achieved performance which exceeds that of OE parts.

However, the poor friction coefficient of plastic material versus steel means that there will always be a potential weakness. With this in mind, MOOG has permanently substituted the plastic outer tube technology with a stronger metal solution.


MOOG - Plastic to Metal Bush - Track Control Arms - CI-TC-0933/0932 - CI-WP-12503/12504



With this metal technology, MOOG has managed to exceed the pull out value of its OE and competitor equivalents, making MOOG control arms better equipped to deal with unforeseen impacts.

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