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MOOG®  iNNER tIE rods

MOOG Inner Tie Rod are steering parts that form the connection between the steering rack and tie rod end. They transmit axial forces to the tie rod end and allow the wheels to turn.

Axial rods-(BM-AXa)
Axial rods-(BM-AXa)

Extra strength and durability

with MOOG® INNER TIE rods

Axial rods-(BM-AXa)

MOOG® inner tie rods and axial joints are forged from premium material and heat treated to achieve the optimum grain structure. This ensures our products are robust and hard wearing, achieving excellent durability and providing additional responsiveness to the steering.

High-performance features

  • Inner Tie Rods designed precisely for the needs of each application.
  • Parts made of forged steel SAE 1040 (16MnCr5) for maximum strength and resilience.
  • Heat treated to achieve the most desirable grain structure, with torque values aligned to Original Equipment (OE) specifications.
  • For an easy fit, all necessary nuts, washers and split pins are included in the box.

Quick-look benefits


Zinc flake coating for a resistance to corrosion


Improved axial deflection


Reduced increase of radial deflection and lower articulation torque to operate far more smoothly


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