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3-Year/100,000km Warranty

NEW market leading 3-year/100,000km Warranty*

MOOG® quality steering and suspension parts

Designed and tested to the highest standards

As a leading aftermarket supplier, we believe our parts should perform even better than the Original Equipment. That’s why our engineers use the Original Equipment part as the master to develop all MOOG® products.

The metallurgy and geometry of every original part is identified, measured and improved whenever possible. Every product is subjected to extensive testing, according to the highest industry standards, to ensure quality and safety for drivers. 

The reason is simple: if issues crucial to steering and suspension parts are not detected in time, it can cause serious problems for the vehicle’s longevity as well as for the driver’s safety. When these parts have to be replaced, this has to be done with only the very best, strongest, most resilient and reliable parts. And that is exactly what MOOG® offers.

MOOG®: quality guaranteed

Thanks to our rigorous development and testing procedures, we are very confident about the quality of our products. That’s why every MOOG® Steering and Suspension part is backed by a  market leading 3 Year/100,000km warranty. It’s our guarantee for your peace of mind.