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MOOG® steering
rack BELLOW kits

Steering rack bellow kits are used to protect the linkage between the axial joint and the steering rack and ensure the safety and protection of the steering system.

Steering Rack Gaitre kits (K150219---v1b)
Steering Rack Gaitre kits (K150219---v1b)

Safety maintained and wear prevented with MOOG® steering rack BELLOW kits


Rubber chassis parts that protect against external pollution such as water, dust, mud, sand and stones. The quality of the grease contained in the steering system is preserved and both potential corrosion and premature wear are avoided.

Why choose bellow kits over single bellows?

MOOG® kits are convenient as they contain all the necessary components for the repair (2 bellows, 4 ties and a sachet of grease). By replacing both bellows at the same time a superior quality repair is guaranteed as these components wear at the same rate as each other. The MOOG® steering rack bellow kits are premium chassis parts manufactured from high-grade rubber to match Original Equipment (OE) standards.

Quick-look benefits


All necessary components are included in the kit


Preserve grease quality, prevent wear and avoid steering block up


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