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Engineered with a purpose

moog® premium control arms

Designed to Perform

Critical to ride, handling, safety and dependability, control arms are an important component of your suspension system. MOOG® Premium control arms are engineered and built to deliver the safety and dependability that you and your passengers count on.

Because no two vehicles are the same, MOOG makes thousands of Premium control arms – each one precision-engineered, tested and manufactured to meet the performance needs of your vehicle. This is your assurance that the control arm is designed to the unique specifications of your vehicle. Whether you have a domestic or foreign nameplate, there’s a MOOG Premium control arm that’s right for the job.


Going Further to last longer

Every MOOG control arm is engineered and manufactured with the same goal – to ensure durability.

Enhanced Structural Strength - Inhibits Premature Failure

If a control arm fails, it can result in a dangerous loss of control, putting everyone’s safety at risk. MOOG control arms are designed to ensure they can handle severe impacts as well as the repetitive loads they face over time.

  • Heat-Treated for Hardness - MOOG heat treats critical components like the stud to ensure that they will bend – but not break – when faced with a sudden curb or nasty pothole.
  • OE + Metallurgy - The material and heat treat of each control arm is carefully selected with comparison to the metallurgical specs of the OE part that came installed on the vehicle.

Added Corrosion Protection - Inhibits Premature Deterioration

Rain, snow and road salt corrodes metal which can reduce the life of steering and suspension components. We apply engineered coatings to metal surfaces on MOOG control arms to reduce corrosion and damage from the elements.

  • Galvanic Corrosion Protection - MOOG applies coatings to studs (where needed) to prevent galvanic corrosion with mating aluminum components. These coatings maintain the integrity of the connection to promote a long service life.
  • E-Coat - MOOG e-coats cast iron and steel control arms to reduce corrosion and protect exposed metal from the elements.

Highly-Precise Engineering - Better Ride, Fit and Serviceability

Parts that aren’t engineered and manufactured to tight tolerances don’t fit right. That makes every aspect of the job more time-consuming, and can even lead to difficulties aligning the vehicle. MOOG precision-engineers every part to ensure each MOOG control arm is designed to be a direct-fit replacement for easy installation and steering alignment.

MOOG’s commitment to best-in-class engineering and research and development is unmatched in the industry, so you can be sure every part we ship is designed to exact specifications, tested to the highest standards, and worthy of the MOOG name.

  • Installation Ready - MOOG ball joints are preinstalled for easy installation and tightly sealed for maintenance-free operation to help protect the socket from dust, water and other debris.
  • Optimized Bushings - MOOG engineers optimize our natural rubber bushings to ensure they can absorb substantial loads, reducing the chance of splitting, discoloring, cracking or tearing with age. The result is quiet operation and resistance to wear, salt, road grime and oils.

MOOG Premium Control Arms

  • Easy to Install
    Precision tolerances for easy installation and steering alignment, giving you a perfect fit right out of the box
  • Long Life
    Ball stud shape ensures fatigue life, compensating for sag and suspension and adding extra swing when you need it
  • Enhanced Structural Strength
    Heat-treated to match or exceed OE requirements to inhibit premature failure
  • Added Corrosion Protection
    Coated studs and e-coated cast iron and steel control arms inhibit premature deterioration
  • Highly Precise Engineering
    Optimized bushings for quiet operation and resistance to wear, salt, road grime and oils
  • Installation Ready
    Preinstalled ball joints with sealed sockets for maintenance-free operation
  • Comprehensive Coverage
    Available for foreign and domestic nameplates

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