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Greasing Hard-to-Access Chassis Parts

Importance of Greasing

Constantly in motion, the steering and suspension system on your vehicle works hard and is subject to wear-and-tear. A good way to prevent wear and to lengthen the lifespan of these components is by greasing. If components that require regular greasing are allowed to dry out, it can not only shorten the lifespan of the part but it can also impact the ride and handling of the vehicle.

To keep a vehicle’s steering and suspension systems running smooth, greasing parts like ball joints, tie rods and universal joints should be part of a regular maintenance routine. Check out this Tech Tip to learn more about the greaseable design of MOOG® chassis parts. From when to grease the parts to how to complete the procedure, you’ll find all the information you need about MOOG greasable parts here.

MOOG part collage.

Inside the Problem

You know that greasing chassis parts is important to the health of a vehicle, but the tight space of the engine compartment and awkward part placement can make greasing chassis parts a challenge. It can be close to impossible to get a standard grease gun into the confined engine space. There has to be an easier way to reach these small grease fittings.

Car on service lift.

The Solution – Needle Nose Adapter

Using a needle nose adapter on your grease gun makes servicing small grease fittings a cinch. Simply snap the adapter into the grease gun hose and insert the end of the adapter into the grease fitting. The pressure of the needle nose adapter will unseat a check ball that will allow you to put grease into the part. When you remove the adapter, the check ball seals the fitting, making the part ready to go back into service.

Needle nose adapter for greasing chassis parts.

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