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How to Install a Dust Boot on a Ball Joint


MOOG® boots, due to their sealed design, have a tight fit to the ball joint housing to eliminate contaminate intrusion. The following procedures aid in the installation of the MOOG boot for those that do not have it preinstalled.

Installation Procedure

When installing the new MOOG ball joint, refer to the MOOG instruction sheet (if applicable). Be sure to secure the ball joint using the supplied snap-ring, if applicable, before installing the new MOOG boot.

Press-Fit Style Boots


After installing the ball joint into the control arm or steering knuckle, follow the suggestions below to install a press-fit style MOOG boot. It is important to install the MOOG boot properly to prevent damage to the boot and to prevent excessive grease from squeezing out onto brake components when lubricating.


Always install the new MOOG boot onto the ball joint with the grease relief valve (see photo A) positioned inward, away from the wheel. The boot may have the words “MOUNT INBOARD” and/or an arrow stamped on it (see photo B). Be sure to position these markings away from the wheel.



You can install a press-fit style boot using either of the two following procedures:

Procedure A: Using “Channel Lock” style pliers
Hold down one end of the boot while squeezing the other end of the boot lip and control arm/knuckle with the pliers as shown in photo C. Squeeze until boot lip is even and secure. Install the grease fitting and properly grease the part per the instruction sheet (if applicable).


Procedure B: Using a deep-well socket or ball joint receiver cup
Locate a deep-well socket or a ball joint receiver cup (found in ball joint press kits) that fits over the entire ball joint stud assembly and fits the outside diameter of the boot lip (see photo D). Using a socket or receiver cup that is too narrow will damage the MOOG boot, make sure there is not a sharp edge on the ID of the cup or socket.


Place the boot onto the ball joint and install by hand, making sure it is snug (photo E1). Fit the socket or receiver cup over the ball joint assembly and lightly tap until the boot is even and secure (photo E2).


Install the grease fitting and properly grease the part per the instruction sheet (if applicable).

Wrap Ring Style Boots


Place the boot onto the ball joint and install by hand, making sure it is snug. It should fit inside the groove located above the groove where the snap ring was installed. Using a flathead screwdriver, spiral the wrap ring into the groove at the base of the boot as shown in photo F. Take care not to damage the boot, the end of the ring can damage the boot.


Install the grease fitting if applicable, and properly grease the part per the MOOG instruction sheet (if applicable).

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