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Solving Premature Outer Tie Rod Failure in Ford Fusion & Lincoln MKZ

The Problem

In 2010-2012 Ford Fusions (3.5L) and 2010 Lincoln MKZ, the OE outer tie rods and those provided by other suppliers utilize a plastic bearing that is prone to failure. There is also no provision for retaining socket torque, which results in excessive lateral play. The non-serviceable OE design leads to debris and moisture being trapped in the bearing, causing ball stud corrosion and wear. This causes excessive deflection that leads to loose steering and alignment issues.

Outer Tie Rod deflection
Worn Outer Tie Rod. Not Greasable. Worn Plastic Bearing. Corroded Ball Stud.

The Solution

MOOG® ES800781 and ES800782 tie rod ends are designed for long life and ease of installation.

These Problem Solver® parts include:

  • MOOG patented pressed-in cover plate design and Belleville washer to ensure proper preload and consistent socket torque for the life of the part.
  • Exclusive gusher bearing technology for durability and long life.
  • Greaseable design that allows lubrication to reach the bearing surface while flushing out contaminants.
  • Premium sealed, abrasion-resistant dust boot.
  • Castle nut, enabling one-handed installation.
  • Wrench flats, for easy alignment.
Patented pressed-in cover plate design. Belleville Washer. The Belleville Spring-Steel Washer preloads the bearing to maintain optimum ball-to-bearing clearance longer than typical assemblies. Belleville Washer can exert up to 100 lbs. of force.
Outer Tie Rod Features. Wrench flat. Greasable design. Premium sealed boot. Castle nut.

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