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inside the complete knuckle assembly


By constantly introducing design enhancements that extend product life or simplify installation and replacement, MOOG® has earned its reputation as the chassis industry’s problem solver for 100 years. Through extensive testing and continuous innovation, the MOOG complete knuckle assembly carries on with this problem-solving tradition.

Thanks to a cutting-edge Problem Solver® design, the MOOG complete knuckle assembly dramatically simplifies bearing replacement for many challenging applications. The preassembled part eliminates the need for special tools or a press, resulting in easier installation and possible time-savings of up to 50%. And that number doesn’t include the time technicians will save from not having to locate and source multiple parts.

The unit includes the following premium components*:

A breakdown of the MOOG complete knuckle assembly, showing each individual part and how they fit together to form one.

By relying on this comprehensive, bolt-on solution, technicians eliminate the need to press out the original bearing and hub spindle – avoiding potential damage to these components – on select applications. This fully-unitized repair solution also helps technicians avoid complications associated with damage to or incorrect orientation of ABS encoders on the original bearings. 

Given these issues, as well as the common need to source new hub spindles and hardware for several challenging applications, those installing the part can save up to 50% of the time needed to complete the job simply by installing the MOOG complete knuckle assembly. Prior to installing a MOOG complete knuckle assembly on select vehicles, inspection of the parking brake shoes and hardware is recommended.

*Components may vary by application

A diagram showing the parking brake shoes and hardware, with labels pointing to each individual section.

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