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High Utilization Control Arms Discover the MOOG® Difference

Because Not All Miles Are Created Equal

Whether it be trucks and SUVs, or municipal and fleet vehicles, they all share one thing in common - the need to have their steering and suspension systems operating in top condition. You can count on MOOG® for the steering and suspension parts your hardworking vehicle needs to stay on the road.

Designed for heavier loads and more punishing roads, MOOG High Utilization control arms feature enhanced materials and innovative features to help reduce damage caused by extreme usage, impacts and load conditions.

Texi, police car, delivery van, and offroad truck in a cross cell pattern

Ready For the Toughest Jobs

Critical to ride, handling, safety and dependability, control arms are an important component of your suspension system. MOOG High Utilization control arms are engineered to deliver the strength, durability and confidence you need to drive your vehicle harder, longer, or in challenging conditions.

Because all miles aren’t created equal, MOOG High Utilization control arms are made for those that push their vehicle to the limit.

For rental cars, fleets, commercial and service vehicles that take a beating 24/7, but still need to go farther and last longer.

Police, fire, ambulance and first responder fleets that can’t afford failure when duty calls.

Sports cars, trucks and SUVs whose owners expect ultimate performance and reliability.

The High Utilization Difference

MOOG High Utilization control arms feature problem-solving innovations that enhance performance and extend product life.

Diagram of control arm placement on the vehicle

Induction-hardened metal studs improve fatigue life and prevent breakage from severe impacts.


Enhanced materials and innovative design features – like MOOG’s metal-to-metal gusher bearing and impact-absorbing preload spring – help prevent damage caused by extreme usage, impacts and load conditions.


Stiffness-optimized bushings, made with premium natural rubber, prevent noise and ensure a more comfortable ride.


Preinstalled dust boot shields socket components from wear-causing contaminants.

Learn more about premium steering and suspension parts, find your car part, or find where to buy your auto part today.

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