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MOOG® Goes the extra mile for heavy-duty vehicles

Keep Your Rig on the Road

Whether you’re an over-the-road truck driver with a big rig or are driving a motorhome across the country, every day you push your heavy-duty vehicle to go further and last longer. Key to the durability and safe operation of your vehicle are the steering and suspension systems.

Cab of yellow semi truck

MOOG® Heavy-Duty Chassis Parts - The Right Choice

With proven long-lasting performance, MOOG heavy-duty chassis parts keep over-the-road and off-road vehicles going strong mile after mile. The precision engineering and problem-solving technologies built into MOOG products provide reliable steering and chassis solutions for Class 2C-8 vehicles.

MOOG understands the unique needs of commercial vehicles and produces a wide range of steering and suspension parts for these specialized vehicles. Using top quality chassis parts from MOOG ensures that your heavy-duty vehicle is ready for the job.

Multiple MOOG Heavy-Duty Parts
  • Alignment wedges
  • Ball joints
  • Cam bolt kits
  • Drag links
  • Idler arms
  • King pin sets
  • Tandem alignment shims
  • Tie rod dnds
  • Track bars
  • Heavy duty u-joints
MOOG Heavy Duty Alignment Parts

Alignment Products - Alignment work presents challenges for technicians – problems that a generic assortment of “will fit” parts cannot always solve. MOOG alignment shims give you the quality, engineering and experience it takes to perform a proper alignment.

  • Uni-wedge truck caster shims
  • Truck caster shims
  • Cam bolts
  • Caster/camber bushings
MOOG Heavy Duty Tie Rod Ends and Drag Links

Tie Rod Ends and Drag Links – A product of the MOOG Problem Solver heritage, MOOG heavy-duty tie rod ends and drag links provide fleet-proven performance, delivering years of consistent steering effort in a strong, durable component that is engineered for easy installation.

Application-specific design enhancements include:

  • Lower bearing - Provides better lubrication to bearing surfaces for smoother steering
  • Precision-fit boot - Protects against dirt, road salt and other contaminants
  • MOOG patented pressed-in cover plate design and Belleville washer - Ensure proper preload and consistent socket torque for the life of the part
MOOG Heavy Duty U-Joint

Heavy-Duty U-Joints – Built strong and durable to meet the needs of fleets, off highway and commercial vehicles, MOOG heavy duty U-joints have radial lubrication grooves and an anti-drainback feature to provide optimal lubrication flow. Their thrust washer design absorbs axial loads, preventing metal-to-metal contact.

MOOG heavy-duty u-joint features:

  • Cross trunnions - That are ground to a 15-25 RMS finish for a smooth surface that is free of microscopic grooves that can cause premature wear
  • Internal anti-drainback valve - That is integrated into the thrust washer to control lubrication flow and prevent dry start-up
  • Cross trunnions - With large grease reservoirs that feature radial grease channels for grease distribution
  • Grease fitting holes - That are drilled and tapped; most feature dual grease fittings for easier access during regular joint maintenance
  • Bearing cups - That are cold-formed, case-hardened and ground to stringent tolerances with quality control inspections at every step of the manufacturing process

Learn more about premium steering and suspension parts, find your car part, or find where to buy your auto part today.

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