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MOOG® High Utilization Hub Assemblies

Strong, Durable Design for Hardworking Trucks

Subject to some of the harshest punishment the road can dish out, rough roads, heavy loads, and hard use take a toll on hub assemblies. From high temperatures and extreme stresses to water and contaminants, hardworking trucks need a wheel hub assembly that is up to the challenge.

Building on its problem solver heritage, MOOG® engineers continuously work to improve the design and performance of its hub assemblies. The result of their hard work: premium MOOG hub assemblies that feature problem-solver enhancements for reliability, durability and lasting performance in truck applications – even in challenging and high-usage conditions.

Continuous Innovation


MOOG’s commitment to continuous innovation means making existing designs even better. MOOG makes hub assemblies for a broad range of vehicles, so even older trucks can be fitted with our latest hub assembly innovations.

We’ve enhanced critical seals, and increased protection for internal and external components to deliver what counts – endurance. The new application-specific MOOG enhancements include:

  • NEW Heat Shield
    Heat-reflecting shield protects the ABS sensor cable from the high heat that heavy vehicles generate during braking.
  • NEW Next Generation Design
    Outboard bearing race integrated into spindle for increased strength and durability.
  • Enhanced Inboard Seal
    Quad-lip seal design made from premium rubber and a high-quality stainless-steel shield provides long-lasting protection against water and contaminants.
  • Grime Defense Outboard Seal
    Enhanced outboard seal provides maximum protection against water, dust, salt, and road grime.

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