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Premium Steering & Suspension Parts


A MOOG chassis parts box next to a MOOG ball joint

You count on your car to safely transport you and your family around town every time you put the key in the ignition. Your steering & suspension system plays a key role in this safe operation of your vehicle; from delivering a smooth ride to allowing you to safely turn and steer, your steering & suspension system depends on quality parts to achieve top performance.

When your car needs repairs to its steering & suspension system, you have a choice to make. Be sure that the replacement parts that you choose will deliver the quality you need to stay safe on the road. When you select MOOG steering & suspension parts for your car, truck or SUV, you can rest easy knowing that you have selected premium parts for your vehicle.


MOOG ball joints being super heated during part testing

From engineering and testing to manufacturing and unmatched support, MOOG always goes further to ensure our parts live up to their reputation for quality and durability.

MOOG goes further to ensure our parts last longer. Choose MOOG parts and experience the MOOG advantage.

  • American pride since 1919 – MOOG has been making chassis parts in the U.S. and is one of the only major chassis brands that still manufactures aftermarket parts in the U.S.*
  • Most extensive testing – From materials labs to durability testing at our North American facilities, we go further to test our products more rigorously. Why do we do it? Because our reputation and your safety depend on it.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on chassis – Mile after mile, MOOG premium chassis parts are engineered to ensure they’ll be the last ones installed on your vehicle. It's why we back each one with a limited lifetime warranty.


A yellow car, driving through a wooded area, misses a right turn sign and swerves off the road due to steering and suspension parts failure.

When steering & suspension parts fail, bad things can happen. You could experience:

  • Catastrophic failure
  • Dangerous loss of control
  • Accidents
  • Loss of steering control resulting in an accident
  • Vague steering feel
  • Accelerated tire wear
  • Vibrations
  • Unwanted noises


A MOOG control arm being presented infront of a MOOG control arm box

When you choose MOOG parts, you can be sure that you have selected premium parts for your vehicle. You'll get enhanced, problem-solving features that only come with a premium auto part. MOOG parts are designed for the aftermarket and are designed, tested and manufactured to perform on your vehicle.

Premium auto parts typically have a longer service life which saves you time and money. You'll save money with fewer repairs and save time without the hassle of repeated trips to your professional service center and having to find alternate transportation. You also get the peace of mind that only comes when selecting premium steering & suspension parts for your repair. You'll get the reliable performance that you need to keep you and your passengers safe. Insist on quality, insist on MOOG parts.

*Over 75% of MOOG socket-style components are manufactured in North America from imported and U.S. parts.

Learn more about premium steering and suspension parts, find your car part, or find where to buy your auto part today.

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