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MOOG Patented Cover Plate & Belleville Washer

Patented Cover Plate

Deflection (or looseness) in the socket is a common symptom of ball joint failure. Looseness develops as bearing surfaces wear. Eventually the looseness will have adverse effects on the vehicle, causing uneven tire wear, noises, and steering wandering. MOOG’s patented pressed-in cover plate minimizes socket looseness to maximize socket life. Combined with a Belleville washer spring preload, this technique provides a consistently tight socket, when new, that maintains the like-new steering feel longer.

  • Eliminates excessive ‘lash’ while allowing adequate assembly clearance, and controls component high-side tolerance “stackup” to prevent binding.
  • Holds axial clearances to near-zero lash.
  • Axial and radial deflection consistency is more precise than conventional closure methods

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Belleville Washer Technology

Ordinary Belleville washers can shatter after repeated cyclic loading, creating excessive clearance in the socket. MOOG Belleville washers are stress optimized to maintain consistent preload force between the cover plate and bearing while withstanding years of cyclic loading. That keeps socket clearances tight to reduce bearing wear for long socket life.

  • MOOG Belleville spring-steel washers apply 100 lbs. of force or more to minimize socket clearance and promote long bearing life.
  • The Belleville washer absorbs impacts, minimizing wear to the stud and bearing. 
  • Minimized wear results in consistent operation of the joint, maintaining wheel alignment to extend tire life and keep steering tight, enabling precise handling.

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