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Gusher Bearing

Designed for Durability

The bearings in rotational chassis parts like ball joints and tie rod ends are critical to ride quality and vehicle safety. MOOG Gusher Bearings are designed to offer greater resistance to corrosion and degradation from water, dirt and other road contaminants. That adds up to reliable, long-lasting performance.

  • MOOG’s sintered powdered metal design enables grease to continually flow through it, directly to the surface of the stud, to flush out contaminants, reduce friction, and extend bearing life.
  • MOOG Gusher Bearings are more resilient to contamination than plastic bearings, which makes MOOG Gusher Bearing sockets well suited for harsh driving conditions. 
  • The Gusher Bearings in MOOG parts deliver low torque when combined with MOOG’s Belleville washer preload and MOOG’s patented assembly techniques, for excellent steering returnability.
  • Longer-lasting MOOG Gusher Bearings extend socket life to help prevent steering problems like shimmying and steering wheel looseness, as well as reducing uneven tire wear.

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