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Resolving Parking Brake Spring Clearance Issues on Ford Explorer/Lincoln Aviator/Mercury Mountaineer

Hub Assembly Installation

When installing a MOOG® hub assembly on certain Ford, Lincoln and Mercury SUVs, it is necessary to remove the parking brake shoe. When installing the parking brake shoe return spring, technicians may encounter an extremely tight clearance issue which will not allow the spring to be properly installed.

Vehicles Affected MOOG Hub Assemblies
Year Make/Model Part Number
2002-2005 Ford Explorer 515050
2003-2005 Lincoln Aviator
2002-2005 Mercury Mountaineer
2006-2010 Ford Explorer 515078
2007-2010 Ford Explorer Sport Trac
2006-2010 Mercury Mountaineer

Incorrect Due to Interference
This is due to the interference between the lug bolt and the parking brake boss.

Correct Placement
Lug bolts parallel.

Installation Procedure

Step 1

Align two lug bolts parallel with parking brake boss.


Step 2

Attach the rear shoe and then attach the return spring to the rear shoe and hook it to the front shoe.


Step 3

Using the front shoe and the parking brake boss’ leverage, rotate the front shoe onto the knuckle.


During Shoe Installation

After Shoe Installation

Step 4

Install the parking brake pin and pin retainer.

Step 5

Install star wheel and install the brake shoe adjusting screw.

Step 6

Install lower spring and adjust to size.

Step 7

Use the Brake Adjusting Gauge to measure the inside diameter of the parking brake drum.

Step 8

Adjust the parking brake shoe clearance of 1.07 mm (0.04 in) less than the inside diameter of the parking brake drum.

Step 9

Make sure that the parking brake shoes are correctly centered and measure across the center point of the shoes.

Step 10

Rotate the parking brake shoe adjuster wheel to achieve the correct parking brake shoe to brake disc clearance.

Cut the Hassle with MOOG® Complete Knuckle Assemblies

A solution to avoiding clearance issues is to install a MOOG complete knuckle assembly. Pre-assembled for convenience, MOOG complete knuckle assemblies (shown below in table) include the parking brake shoe for a complete solution. Easy to install, the innovative bolt-on solution makes troublesome bearing replacement easier and eliminates the need for special tools or a press, resulting in possible time-savings up to 50%.

MOOG Complete Knuckle Assemblies
Year Make/Model Part Number
2002-2005 Ford Explorer LK001PB
Mercury Mountaineer
2006-2010 Ford Explorer LK035
Mercury Mountaineer

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