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Greasable Design

For Reduced Wear and Longer Life

When water, dirt, and debris get into non-greasable socket-style chassis components, there’s no way to get them out. Socket contamination can result in stud corrosion, increased wear and ultimately joint failure. MOOG greasable designs allow fresh grease to be injected, pushing old grease and contaminants out to extend service life.

  • Greasable design works with the MOOG sealed boot to minimize contamination in the socket assembly.
  • Fresh grease pushes accumulated contaminants away from bearing surfaces, protecting the ball and bearing assembly.
  • Porous Gusher Bearing holds grease between the ball and the bearing where it’s needed.
  • Grease grooves in the ball or bearing ensure that grease flows freely to critical areas, ensuring lubricated ball stud movement.

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