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Ball Joint INstallation Tip

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A key part of a car’s suspension system, ball joints are susceptible to problems like memory steer if they aren’t installed correctly. Read on to learn an important tip for installing MOOG® ball joints.

Avoiding Memory Steer

When pressing in a ball joint, preparation is key to getting a proper fit. When you’re pressing a ball joint into a control arm or steering knuckle, it is important to make sure that the socket is clear of dirt and debris. Dirt and contaminants can take up space making the fit too tight, putting excessive pressure on the case which in turn puts pressure on the stud. This can result in memory steer, a condition where the steering wheel doesn’t return to center after a turn, remaining in the turned position.

Memory steer makes controlling the vehicle challenging because the driver is constantly having to reposition the steering wheel after completing a turn. Clearing the ball joint of any rust or debris before installation can help avoid issues with memory steer.

What are the Advantages of MOOG Ball Joints?


Featuring problem-solving innovations for long life and increased durability, MOOG takes pride in being called The Problem Solver. These application-specific advancements lead to long-lasting ball joints that are designed, tested and manufactured for easy installation and perfect fit right out of the box.


Heat Treated Stud

For extra strength and durability


Pressed-in Cover Plate

Seals out debris and minimizes looseness


Greaseable Design

For easy maintenance and longer wear


Gusher Bearing

Delivers lubrication to reduce wear

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